U.S.A. DH/ MTB Champion Quinton Spaulding

Quinton Spauldings recognition, fame and leadership has displayed more than just professional achievements, motivation, and dedication to the factory racing team.
Quinton Spauldings Bio

Hear the re-edited version of Quinton Spauldings Vital MTB interview. From the beginning of the KHS Factory Racing formation to the influence and design of the KHS downhill mountain bikes, Quinton Spauldings role as a director, leader and champion racer continues to influence today’s and tomorrows generation of downhill/ gravity mountain bikers.

KHS Factory Racing
Quinton Spaulding Bio
KHS Factory Racing Quinton Spaulding Bio
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In the beginning

Quinton Spaulding was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Since in his days of his youth he was always active as an athlete and was eventually introduced to mountain biking when he moved to the U.S. in Las Vegas, Nevada. He quickly introduced himself to KHS after answering a sponsorship ad and soon after became part of KHS. From beta testing bikes to prototyping bikes Quintons authority and team leadership became apparent that he was more than just a champion racer.

Quinton knows that the discipline of hard work and doing more than what others are doing would give Factory Racing a competitive advantage. Quinton meticulously plans every training session and puts Factory Racing through an extremely tough training regimen. Professional downhill athletes/ racers jobs may look easy, but the truth is that 99% of the work that goes into winning a championship race takes place before the game.

When Quinton first became managing director of the KHS Factory Racing team, he set out to define the role of his racers and his own role as a leader. Instead of putting the responsibility of winning on his racers, he assumed that duty himself. He communicated to his team his expectations on their commitment and hard work during training, but also outlined what he would be responsible for — teaching them and pushing them to maximize their potential.

By taking on the burden of winning, Quinton removed pressure from his racers and allowed them to focus on being their best on the race course. This also built trust between him and his team — trust that if both sides focused on their roles, they could achieve success. Which it did. Throughout his years and involvement with Factory Racing he shaped and molded racers that soon became national and international champions. Thus making a name for the factory racing team and eventually being dubbed as the #1 downhill/ gravity racing team in the U.S.

This legendary team director, devoted husband, caring father, and compassionate teacher serves as a exemplary character both on and off the race course. Quinton Spaulding is a true role model for many.

“Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character.” – Quinton Spaulding
Discover the skill and quality behind every build from KHS

Quinton Spaulding downhill prototype mountain bike builds has influence and led KHS to stay ahead in the industry. As the first in releasing the 650b for pro downhill racing, KHS Factory has played a very important role within the KHS development team. As one of the main designers and developers for the KHS mountain bikes, Quinton realizes that in order to continue to be the leader in the industry while striving to always better the perfect bike that it’s the combination of technology and design. From the suspension, frame construction and geometry Quinton knows that building the perfect bike reflects more than just personality and style. From meeting the ever changing demands of the race course to the backwood trails, KHS will continue to be the industry standard and leader in the mountain biking realm.


KHS Factory Racing continues in pushing the limits on creativity beyond just downhill mountain bikes, where Quinton continues to pursue his passion for building and racing the best mountain bikes in the industry.

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