Report by: Quinton Spaulding

Photos by: Quinton Spaulding & Casey Fasset

Flying the “friendly Skies” with Southwest Airlines. I would like to make mention that if you are flying with a bike… Southwest is the BEST!

Boxing my race bikes is always a chore, but it must be done correctly to ensure that your equipment comes out in good condition at the other end.

The tail end of the season has crept up on us. What with all the traveling to different venues, the flights, the hotel rooms, and the people…everything has  become a blur!

Putt Putt or Miniature Golf  is one of our teams favorite down- time activities. It has turned somewhat into a competitive sport amongst us…  Binggeli being the current “Putt Putt” Champion!

Out of the box,  fully assembled and ready to attack! the Factory DH200 KHS Race Bike.

The dirt on the East Coast is AWESOME!  From all the moisture they get it almost mimics World Cup conditions better than anywhere else in the US.

Ulmer leads out during practice!

Plenty moisture turned into “way too much” moisture at Whiteface. It pretty much rained solidly during this event, causing the track to become extremely tough to navigate.

It rained all night continuing through the following morning. This turned the conditions before qualifying from bad to worse and Sundays early morning track inspection became difficult to say the least.

Once the mountain was saturated with rain, it started to ooze some type of oil which was extremely slippery.

The top of the track had some really steep sections.

The ruts had gotten deep and challenging… front brakes were not an option here!

Spectators and officials alike had a hard time hiking down this track.

Ulmer had a solid 12th place finish. He said that he had a fairly clean run with only a couple of small bobbles in the top woods.

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Binggeli placed 5th in qualifying allowing himself a great position on the start line  for the final. During his Final run, he had a significant get off  and crashed in the woods pretty hard. He still managed to get back on his bike, finishing in 11th place.


“Flavor Flav” yeah that’s right, I sat next to William Jonathan Drayton Jr. on my flight back from Albany to Vegas. Flavor Flav is an American rapper/ television star and a member of the rap group Public Enemy. He made my trip home a lot more interesting… “Yeah boy!”

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Next for us is Mammoth Mountain, CA for the State Championships Sept 3 – 6.

Please stay tuned for more updates and photos as they become available.

All the best!