Photos: Monique Spaulding

Report: Quinton Spaulding

Utah is HUGE, full of beauty and majestic mountains! We were at Wolf Mountain in Ogden to race the Utah State Downhill Championships.

Photo : Courtesy

It was whilst setting up at Wolf Mountain that we received news that Melissa Buhl had just won a World Championship for KHS in the womens 4X at the UCI World Championships in Val di Sole, Italywell done Buhler!!

The chairlift there is a quick ride up with some unbelievable scenery along the way. It was so green and lush even though the temperatures were close to being in the triple digits the entire weekend.

Binggeli raced Super D on Saturday and took 2nd place behind Sobe Cannondale rider Nick Van Dine. This was a good result for Binggeli in his first Pro Super D race ever.

Here is a view of the valley from near the Downhill start gate.

Binggeli tries to stay cool under the KHS cover but I really think he was missing his mommy!

On my way up to do the first of two race runs early Sunday morning.

Binggeli during one of his Downhill race runs – he placed 3rd overall with a podium finish for KHS.

Matt Johnston finished 2nd in the Pro downhill and was alongside Binggeli on the podium. This was a great result for the KHS crew and a very strong showing in the Utah State Downhill Championships. I secured a top 10 finish with a 10th place overall.

Pro Men Top 10 Downhill

Pro Men 1 49 David Beeson Fezzari 0:03:30.23 0:03:39.81 0:03:30.23
2 48 Matt Johnston KHS BICYCLES
0:03:34.36 0:03:35.47 0:03:34.36
3 61 Logan Binggeli KHS BICYCLES 0:03:36.82 0:03:37.94 0:03:36.82
4 65 Dustin Malley Oakley 0:03:37.46 0:03:44.61 0:03:37.46
5 55 Andrew Pierce Specialized/Go-ride 0:03:38.04 0:03:56.94 0:03:38.04
6 62 Chad Bryce Mongoose/Spy/661 0:03:38.52 0:03:54.59 0:03:38.52
7 56 Aaron Butler Park’s Sportsman 0:03:38.91 0:03:39.33 0:03:38.91
8 58 Nick Van Dine Sobe/Cannondale 0:03:40.81 0:03:45.68 0:03:40.81
9 57 Ben Craner Fezzari/Bro’s Bikes 0:03:41.67 0:03:43.37 0:03:41.67
10 60 Quinton Spaulding KHS BICYCLES
0:03:42.73 0:04:29.67 0:03:42.73

As people gathered for the awards presentation, it was noticeable that KHS was pretty dominant on the podium.

This is Ron, the man behind Salamander Promotions and the Utah State Series.

This fellow challenged me to a race, him on his horse and me on my DH bike…blindfolded, I almost won! Just kidding it wasn’t even close!

Now it was time to pack it up and move on South down to Park City, Utah for the Deer Valley National. We had come to Ogden in preparation for this event and were pleased with our results thus far.

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