Photos by: Quinton Spaulding

Report by: Quinton Spaulding

The East Coast has always intrigued me, things are so different from the West. People talk different, they seem a little more tense, yet they try to come across as relaxed and laid back. Flying into Albany, New York is probably what really leaves me feeling tense, but hey, gas was a little cheaper, and the jerky is “Damn Good”.

This guy had a great setup, a cup holder and a rocking stereo with one of my favorite Foghat tracks blaring – Slow Ride! Click the link and listen to it while you read my report it will give you a little bit of a feel of our trip.

KHS Factory racer Matt Johnston showed up sporting a serious mustache, he was farming this beauty for a mustache competition being held in Salvista, Colorado! He is going to enter via email from MT-ST Anne, Canada. He told me if he wins he would split the purse with me!

Things got off to a great start at Mount Snow Friday evening, Buhl qulified 1st in the Pro women’s slalom and was being confused for one of the Elite Men…she would have placed 18th in a field of 32 qualifying Pro Men.

Binggeli also did well in qualifying. He seeded 7th, showing a HUGE improvement in his gate starts, (something he has been working really hard on). Both Binggeli and Buhl chose to race their hard-tails over full suspension bikes, being as the track had a pretty good “straight away” sprint out the gate.

OAKLEY spared no expense when they bought their rig, this thing could pull a train if needed!

The matching trailer was an unbelievable sight. The word was they spent $125K on it before they even started putting graphics on it. It had huge flat screen TV’s and a sound system that a rock star would be impressed by.

SOBE also showed up in style, they had free samples of every drink they made throughout the entire weekend. It is sights like this that reassure the industry everything is going to be OK!

Kenda Tires…what can I say about Jim Wannamaker? Not only is Jim an industry icon, but he is also the hardest working man in the industry. There is absolutely “no shame” in Jim’s game, if he has to sleep in the trailer to make his quota then he gets it done! Thanks for everything you have done for us this season Jimbo!

Saturday mornings XC start was a wet one! It dumped buckets in the early hours of the morning, the storm was so fierce I sat up in bed and watched and listened as waves of lighting and thunder passed through…it was AWESOME!

Potassium is an essential part of any athletes diet, this banana was there to feed a XC racer and looked great whilst doing it. The lady in the background with her finger pointed at him was not happy about something the banana did, but how can you blame a fruit for anything?!

KHS had racers in just about every group at the US Nationals, and we were there with intentions of winning. Winning is not everything but it sure does mean a lot to the psyche of a racer, nothing boosts your confidence and pushes you to the next level like winning does.

This is Andy Johnston in the KHS gear, he is the coach and team manager of racers on the East Coast. Andy was kind enough to allow the KHS Factory Team to pit with him for the Nationals. He has a fantastic program that gets young cyclists ready for the “big time”.

Downhill JR. X winner and KHS Co Factory rider Ethan Quail had an enormous win at Vermont. He managed to take the top step on the podium beating the race favorite from the West Coast – Yeti rider, Kevin Aiello.

Ethan has been training hard and staying focused on everything it takes to be a winner…it paid off for him as well as KHS. He is a young up-and-comer and I am sure we will get to hear a lot more about him in the future.

Saturday evening was just perfect for racing! We were ready for some high speed action in the Dual Slalom finals! They added about an extra 50 yards out the gate to this years track, which meant you had to get your sprint on or you could lose the race before the first turn.

Binggeli practices a few gate starts before the finals! He faired very well with an 8th place finish overall after being eliminated by Mongoose rider and MTB legend Eric carter.

Dual Slalom Top 20 Finishers Pro Men

1 Eric Carter 6329 11 MONGOOSE BICYCLES
2 Geritt Beytagh 188092 69 MOREWOODBIKES USA
3 Christopher VanDine 95441 35 CANNONDALE
4 Ross Milan 173237 24 YETI CYCLES
5 Christopher Herndon 96111 38 SPECIALIZED/DECLINE
6 Kyle Strait 143063 59 OAKLEY SPECIALIZED
7 Michael Haderer 190065 17 FOX SHOX/YETI
8 Logan Binggeli 213148 21 KHS BICYCLES
9 Richard Houseman 120341 9 YETI/FOX SHOX FACTORY TEAM
10 Joe Haley 149796 25 EASTERN BIKES/MAXXIS
11 Thomas Tokarczyk 105533 19 JAMIS BIKES/SHARK ENERGY DRINK
12 Rudy Unrau 213776 5 YETI/FOX SHOX FACTORY TEAM
13 Chris Boice 215006 12 YETI/FOX SHOX FACTORY TEAM
14 James Schwanke 163326 18 MONGOOSE/KENDA
15 Kyle Hickey 160758 64 OLD SPOKES HOME
16 Avery Buch 161748 51 MEGA MAN WHEY PROTEIN
17 John Swanguen 175203 65 MS/INTENSE
18 David Flynn 174665 50 PAULMITCHELL/KENDA
19 Heikki Hall 117452 61 E13/HAYES/MICHELIN/SMITH/SDG
20 Thomas Oakes 122711 76 TRAILMASTERS

Buhl annihilated the field and easily rolled in for the win! That makes Melissa the 4X and Dual Slalom National Champion.

Dual Slalom Top 4 Finishers Pro Women

1 Melissa Buhl 75536 7 KHS BICYCLES
2 Kathy Pruitt 117831 1 JAMIS
3 Darian Harvey 195177 5 SOBE/CANNONDALE
4 Jessica Vogt 161705 9 TURNER

The Downhill on Sunday was no different for Buhl, she just edged out Luna Chics rider Marla Streb with a 0.20 differential.

1 Geritt Beytagh 04:56.57 188092 69 MOREWOODBIKES USA
2 Cody Warren 04:59.40 160802 37 SPECIALIZED/REDLINE
3 Duncan Riffle 05:04.36 146687 16 CANNONDALE FACTORY TEAM
4 Curtis Keene 05:05.14 112383 39 SPECIALIED DECLINE
5 Ryan Condrashoff 05:07.44 197784 29 X-FUSION/SANTA CRUZ BICYCLES/NEMA/DEAN
6 Derrick Nobman 05:09.70 162451 55 NINETY DEGREES
7 John Swanguen 05:14.71 175203 65 MS/INTENSE
8 Bradley Benedict 05:14.83 198527 27 X-FUSION
9 Eli Krahenbuhl 05:16.29 193479 31 TREK/HAYES/RINGLE/GAMUT/FOX SHOX
10 Kyle Strait 05:16.34 143063 59 OAKLEY SPECIALIZED
11 Adam Morse 05:16.51 216324 14 COBRA CONS
12 Logan Binggeli 05:16.97 213148 21 KHS BICYCLES
13 Jason Memmelaar 05:18.10 161139 48 SCOTT DIABLO FREERIDE
14 Christopher Herndon 05:18.10 96111 38 SPECIALIZED/DECLINE
15 Gavin Vaughan 05:18.23 173589 4
16 Chris Boice 05:18.42 215006 12 YETI/FOX SHOX FACTORY TEAM
17 Timothy Price 05:22.27 194155 56 SPECIALIZED/SMITH
18 Brad Oien 05:22.53 199509 15 ODI/SOUTHRIDGE/TUNER
19 Trevyn Newpher 05:23.81 189058 41 SNOWSHOE BIKE PARK/MARIN
20 Chris Heath 05:23.98 177708 46 MANITOU
21 Christopher VanDine 05:24.15 95441 35 CANNONDALE
22 Evan Turpen 05:25.14 175124 6 KONA BIKES
23 Ben Furbee 05:26.28 215234 3 WTB/ARTs CYCLERY/GAMUT
24 Chris Scannell 05:27.61 213805 66
25 Matthew Johnston 05:27.66 166708 44 KHS BICYCLES

Melissa Buhl has compiled a long list of titles in 2008, this could become a record breaking year for her. She is not done either, she leads the points chase in the Dual slalom and Downhill Nationals Series!

4X World Champion

Sea Otter Classic Downhill Champion

4X US National Champion

Dual Slalom US National Champion

Downhill US National Champion

The KHS / Kenda – Cycle Youth juniors also had a fantastic showing at the Championship’s in Vermont! They went home with 3 Championship Titles and 4 podiums amongst them. The future looks really bright for these guy’s.

Every event must end, no matter how hard you try to avoid the trip back home…it just has to be done! Flying back to Vegas was a lot easier this year. KHS went home with 7 National Titles, and nobody was injured. It is this type of performance that makes a Team Manager proud, and trust me I smiled the entire 8 hour trip home.

As always a HUGE thanks to all our sponsors!

Melissa Buhl and Matt Johnston are up in MT-ST Anne, Canada for the next stop on the World Cup Circuit – We wish them the best of luck!

As for the rest of the KHS Factory Team we will be up in Brian Head, Utah for some testing this weekend and then off to CrankWorx in Winter Park, Colorado early next week. Please stay tuned for more updates and photos as they become available.

All the best,