Report by: Quinton Spaulding

Photos by: Monique Spaulding

Grand Central Station, New York City…. WOW!

After having just competed at the KHS Gravity Open in Plattekill, NY, we were headed to the US Open in New Jersey. With a couple of days to kill, we decided to support Chris Heath’s team…the NY Mets.

New York City is SPECTACULAR, and SCARY at the same time.

We were headed to Citi Field ball park stadium in New York.

The atmosphere was electric and the NY Mets spanked the Phillie’s!

Perfect evening and a good time had by all!

Back to business… Mountain Creek Ski Resort Vernon, NJ.

We got set up bright and early in anticipation of what is considered a showcase event for the world of Downhill Mountain Bike racing.

KENDA is a big player at this event and a sponsor of our team. A big thank you goes out to Jim Wannamaker for all his support!

Diablo Freeride Park has a great bike shop that can pretty much take care of any riders needs. If you are ever there, you should pay them a visit.

Binggeli skies the “finish line” jump during DH training runs. The promoters stepped up the size on this puppy for 2010… little more “awe value” for the spectators!

Blake Carney preps for Giant Slalom.

Giant Slalom was a 1 track , 1 rider at a time event. Riders raced against the clock and only the 20 fastest qualified for the “Big Show”. In the finals and representing for KHS, Buhl qualified 2nd in the woman’s  division. Binggeli qualified 7th and finished 10th and Carney qualified 12th and finished 15th . These were all really solid results.

Photo: Ian Hylands

Woman’s Giant Slalom podium (left to right):
Melissa Buhl (KHS), Jill Kintner (Redbull / Transition) and Tracey Mosely (Trek World Racing)

Buhl takes 2nd in the finals.

Heath had his game face on for the Downhill, and was in an apparent DH frame of mind!

Ulmer was also looking forward to Sundays DH… keeping his head in the game.

Photo: Ian Hylands

Buhl had a strong 3rd place finish in the DH final Sunday.

Time to party like its 1999!

Again, a consistently strong top 20 finish for Binggeli who  placed 17th in the final. (of all the pro entrants, only 50 qualified out of 139 ).

KHS pilot, Chris Heath BARRELS through the upper rock garden.

Heath was so fast through the woods… nothing but a blur! He also had another consistent top 20 finish, snatching the 19th spot.

Once again, Ulmer had all the style – he finished 42nd on the day.

A job well done! KHS was represented extremely well at the US Open, and there was a great sense of achievement in our camp after all was said and done!

Headed out of New Jersey going WESTBOUND!! reflecting on what was a very successful and enjoyable 3 week trip to the East Coast.

Got ribs?

Next for us – Stop number 3 on the ProGRT Tour at Northstar Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe, CA June 20-23, 2010.

Please stay tuned for more updates and photos as they become available.

All the best,