Photos by: Monique Spaulding

Report by: Quinton Spaulding

Bootleg Canyon’s race scene is starting to grow! There are promoters from all over the country bearing down on the Canyon looking to put on events. This is great for mountain biking and for Boulder City alike. There will be a “5 part” race series at Bootleg Canyon in 2010… so be sure to count on KHS being there to represent in full force!


If the shuttle lines are too long… get a wizard to shuttle you! KHS riders had their own private “wizard  shuttle”!!

Injuries are not uncommon at a Mountain Bike race… luckily this guy only suffered a concussion.

The view of Lake Mead from the top of the Downhill  start box is incredible, however, this biggest man made lake in the world is starting to look a little parched!

Binggeli, only 30 seconds before his race run start, was feeling extremely comfortable and ready to lay one down. Logan had the fastest qualifying time on the Friday afternoon.

Binggeli got off to a good start and looked smooth throughout the entire top section of the track. He took the “hot seat” for a brief moment until he  was unfortunately dethroned by GT’s Kevin Aiello (who had the quickest time of the day). He did however still manage to capture a 2nd place podium finish for KHS on the day.

I was just a few riders back from Binggeli to get on track, and was feeling comfortable and dialed for my final run.

I also managed to get off to a good start and hit the top section with good speed. Immediately after that I almost pinch flatted my front tire (losing a bunch of air and along with it any hope of a  win). If it wasn’t for the “tubeless” set-up, I probably would have DNF’d. I finished 6th overall on the day and was somewhat disappointed not to be on the podium in my own back yard!

KHS “B-Team” rider, Tony Landy gets a silver plaque and takes 2nd for KHS in his class.

KHS “B-Team” rider, Chuck Valenzuela takes the Vet Pro win for KHS in the Downhill.

Left to right: Scott Johnson (KHS B TEAM), Kevin Aiello ( Factory GT), Logan Bingelli (Factory KHS)

Scott Johnson had a great DH run Sunday and a 3rd place podium finish. As always, KHS had a very strong presence on the podium.

Pro Men Top 10

KHS has been a sponsor of the Bootleg Canyon events since their inception. Seen here is one of the many “High End” frame-sets that KHS has given away  over the years. These trails have been our official testing grounds for many years and we also do a lot of R&D testing there in the off season.

A huge smile on this kids face as he walks away the lucky winner of a KHS DH200 frame-set.

Everybody wants to be a wizard!! Not everybody has what it takes, however, Jeff Aiello has what it takes and then some. If I didn’t know better… I would call him Merlin!

The next time we return to race at Bootleg Canyon, will be in January of 2010 (which will be a great pre-season race). It has an enormous $20, 000 purse that race promoter David Collins (AKA “Crash” of Crash Innovations) has worked hard to acquire.

“The KHS Team Sponsors”

We will be in Fontana, CA 11/22 – 11/23 for the 18th Annual Challenge, of which KHS is an official sponsor. If you are there come by and say hi!

Stay tuned for more updates and photos as they become available.

All the best!