Photos by: Monique Spaulding

Report by: Quinton Spaulding

It is only the beginning of January and we are already racing. There is nothing like a good “off-season” race series for fine tuning equipment and good quality race training. Round number one of the 2010 Southridge Winter Series kicked off this past weekend and our team was there to participate…we had a great time!

Upon our arrival Saturday morning, we were greeted with some really sad news. I was informed that David “Crash” Collins had succumbed to his struggle with cancer. I considered Crash a good friend and could not have met a nicer person in many lifetimes… he will be sorely missed by all of us that knew him. We share comfort in knowing that Dave is no longer suffering. My wife Monique portrayed our feelings the best “He brought so many gifts to our life… we will never forget him”! Our hearfelt sympathies go out to his family during this difficult time.

Registration was a bustle Saturday morning, what with all the people signing up for Cross Country, Super Downhill, Mountain Cross and Downhill. These are the 4 different disciplines that will be contested throughout the winter series in 2010.

While Dale (Division 26) was stuck under his tent trying to pop it up…

…we had set-up our entire pit area and even managed to service a couple of bikes!

There is always something new to see in Fontana, my only question… how do you wear a helmet with those gauges?

We offer assistance anytime we can over at the KHS pit, you just have to ask.

Nice helmet!

Getting ready for a little DH practice.

Blake Carney made his first appearance in a KHS jersey and represented well.  He took 3rd place for KHS on Saturday in the 4X finals… great way to start the series!

Left to right: Steve Feltman, Blake Carney (KHS), Eric Carter (GT), Jake Kinney

Pro Men 4X Results

Left to right: Eric Bierman, Eric Carter (GT), Jon Buckell (FOES), Stephen Smith, insert: Naish Ulmer (KHS)

Ulmer snatched a 4th place podium finish for KHS in the Super D final on Saturday.  Unfortunately, Naish missed his Super D podium as he was busy with DH practice.

We then moved onto Sundays DH final which came up on us real fast. Here is a shot of Binggeli during his race run… on the gas! He blazed the top half of the track faster than anyone in the field.

Latest recruit Blake Carney also had a strong run, he finished 12th in a field of 42. Fontana is a tough crowd, if you want to do well there then you to have your game on.

I made a mental error early on during my race run which cost me time, but it was a good track and we had fun racing it.

Ulmer has not had much time on the bike as he is a Utah native and spends most winters in the snow. He intends to complete the entire Winter Series, so he should come on a little stronger towards the end of the series.

Pro Men DH Results

Left to right: Rich Houseman (Intense), David K (ODI), Eric Carter (GT), Waylon Smith (TRIBE), Logan Binggeli (KHS)

Binggeli on the podium with another consistant finish for KHS! This reveals his training is on track, and qualifies him as a definite contender for the series overall title.

Jim De Haven on the podium for KHS!

Tony Landy on the podium for KHS!

A quick “shout out” to RLaunceston Policar of seen here in 2nd place on the podium. RL has been working hard at his game, and as you can tell… it is paying off! He often checks in with us for tips and we are always glad to help.

A little reflection on the weekend of racing, along with some preperation for round number two in just two weeks!

Shut it down, pack it up, see you next time!.. that’s not what Naish said, but I know he was thinking it!

The KHS “B Team” program is growing rapidly. We aspire to be the biggest team in mountainbiking, so if you feel that you may qualify, please email your resume to stating your age, class, race results and photos. KHS will be back in Fontana in 2 weeks for round number two!

Please stay tuned for more race updates as they become available.

All the best,