Report and photos by: Quinton Spaulding

We rolled into Snowmass, Colorado on the Monday afternoon following Crankworx. The weather was fantastic and we were excited to get riding.

As the chairlift was not set-up to start until that Friday, we did a lot of XC riding instead. The trail we rode the most was a “cliff band” that enclosed the entire Snowmass area named “Rim Trail”

These trails were single track and very tight with lush surroundings.

Binggeli was back for this race after having injured his hand the week before… testing his skills with a GINSU Knife!

Our condo at the Laurelwood Lodge was surrounded by wildlife – this squirrel gained 2 ounces during our stay there!

We even had the privilege of a FOX walk directly into our Condo the one night, however, I had to explain that we were with MANITOU and felt conflicted trying to accommodate him!

The view of the background scenery seen between our tents was beautiful… “Rim Trail” can be seen here.

We were stoked once practice eventually started. We could now do our thing, which included long hours in the pits, working on bikes and just making sure that they were 100% ready to go.

4X was held Saturday evening and Binggeli rode flawlessly amongst the very best in the World… Jared Graves!!

There is no “I” in team right? Ulmer pushes Binggeli’s 4X bike back to the start for the next heat.

Binggeli raced well and went all the way to the small final on the day – this left him with an opportunity for a great top 5 finish.

During the small final, Binggeli seized the moment and won the heat convincingly taking the 5th place finish for the 4X overall.

PRO 4X Results

“An early nights sleep and text your mommy!” finish to the day. Those were team orders the Saturday night before the DH finals on Sunday.

Binggeli had a great DH final on Sunday finishing just short of a podium, he managed to secure himself a solid 8th place position. Binggeli has definitely elevated his game, featuring in the top 10 at any given race. Things did not go as well for Naish Ulmer and myself in the Downhill, we both “pinch flatted” at the top of the course during the finals. That’s how it is in racing, every downhill race has many variables that have to fall into place in order to have a solid clean run.

PRO DH Results

Next stop is Windham Mountain in New York, the home of the 2010 UCI World Cup Finals. We have heard so many good things about Windham and could not wait to get out there and experience it in person.

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Please stay tuned for more updates and photos as they become available.

All the best!