Report by: Quinton Spaulding

Photos by: Monique Spaulding and Six3Events

This was the 20th Annual Sea Otter Classic. There is something to be said about the Festival of Cycling having that type of longevity. Well this years Sea Otter was another action packed , fun filled “CLASSIC”.

We were greeted  bright and early every morning with a cup of coffee that made you say “WOW”… every-time!

The land that the Laguna Seca Raceway was built on has some military history, and there is still plenty evidence of that today in the surrounding areas.

We had a hot new item that drew a lot of interest at Sea Otter, it is a “proto-type” DH bike that we are testing for 2011.

We are still working on a name… a bike this beautiful deserves a name right?

New gear, fresh bikes – Off to DH practice to get things started!

The Sea Otter Downhill course is a familiar one to us as we have raced it for years. However,it is still  a really tough place to shine, as everybody from everywhere in the world attends this event. There was a field of 124 in the Pro Men’s DH final alone.

My HERO and assistant Team Manager, Sydne.

There is always a festive atmosphere at Sea Otter, and CYTOMAX once again provided some live entertainment for the crowds with tons of refreshments and food.

KHS also demo’d some 650B bikes at Sea Otter… this bike turns a lot of heads!

Slalom went down Saturday evening in front of a jam- packed crowd. Logan Binggeli Qualified 24th and made it to the “Big Show”. unfortunately he was knocked out by Giant’s Jared Rando in the first round.

Melissa Buhl was on the hunt for the win…

… but  crashed in the semi and was relegated to the small final where she had to settle for 4th.

Blake Carney had his first shot at the “Big Leagues”. He did not make the final cut of 32 but  continues to be  hungry to do well and focus on winning.

Naish Ulmer rode well but also missed the cut of 32 for the finals.

A little R&R before DH.

Living Legend, Josh Bender stopped by he is true “OG”

Melissa Buhl was looking for redemption in the downhill after her crash in the Dual Slalom the day before.

Buhl powered the entire track and took the win over Rachel Atherton, followed by Tracey Mosley in 3rd.

The DH field was stacked and times were tight! Just mere seconds separated over 100 competitors.

Binggeli finished 28th (this was a solid top 30 result for him).

I felt smooth and strong all week but only good enough for 79th.

Boosting the drop at Sea Otter is a lot of fun and a great place for a photo op!

Naish looked sharp all week!

He had a small mishap in his final run, (that’s all it takes to separate you by tens of racers). He finished 96th on the day.

After all was said and done , we assembled for a Team Dinner at Fishermans Wharf in beautiful Monterey Bay.

After dinner antics lead to a show of agility…

… an attempt at agility…

and then there was “butter fingers!”

We had a down day on the Monday after Sea Otter, so I figured we would take a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to check out those little”Sea Otter”guy’s….  so glad we did!

It is a beautiful aquarium, with wonderful sights.

We left for Port Angeles, Washington on the Tuesday. This is round number one on the Pro GRT schedule….

Stay tuned.

All the best,