Report & photos by: Quinton Spaulding

Back in the air once again… checking baggage, boxing bikes, and flying the friendly skies. Off on our way to attend the Pro GRT in Port Angeles, Washington – home of the Fluidride Cup 2. We had heard so many good things about this event and venue, so we were really looking forward to it.

Seattle is a beautiful city, it has all the attributes which make up the complete package for anyone looking for a great place to live. And if you enjoy a little more than average rainfall, then Seattle is the place for you.

The Hood Canal Bridge – an important link between Seattle and Port Angeles, was closed for 6 weeks of construction work just hours after we crossed over it Thursday morning.

Little did I know… we would have to reschedule our return flights and travel plans to accommodate this temporary bridge closure.

Washington State is unbelievably beautiful, and the mountain range in the background of this photo is where we were headed.

Waylon Smith, the ultimate privateer!

Our pits for the weekend.

There were several hundred participants at this event, and if you consider that they were all downhillers… that is impressive!

Photo courtesy: Jeremiah Dylan Dean

Naish Ulmer crushes the finish line berm during some extremely fun practice runs. This track was so well laid out, and the dirt was perfect!

Photo courtesy: Jeremiah Dylan Dean

Ulmer had a really decent downhill final, he finished 35th out of 81 entries. The local talent at this race was incredible, and you could tell these guys get to ride there a lot, they all looked extremely fast. Ulmer is still looking for that break through run!

Photo courtesy: Jeremiah Dylan Dean

Practice at Port Angeles was more fun than its ever been throughout my entire racing career, just really fast flowy run, after fast flowy run... what a blast!

Photo courtesy: Jeremiah Dylan Dean

I felt so good on this track, and really thought I had a chance at a top 20, or better finish. During my race run Sunday I hit a tree, and that destroyed any chance at a good finish. That is racing though, and I will be back strong at the US Open aiming for a good result.

The “Fluidride Cup” is a racers race, the courses are built by professional racers, and they know what people want. It has left a really good first impression on me, and it certainly provides exactly what our industry needs to bring Downhill Racing back to the numbers we saw in it’s “hey day”!

Our drive back to Seattle was twice as long as it was coming in, but well worth the scenic beauty!

The man behind the Professional MTB Gravity Race Tour, Jeremiah Dylan Dean. Jeremiah worked hard to make this event the success that it was, this has to be one of the best mountain bike races I have ever been to, over all the years. The track was awesome, the shuttles were extremely efficient and the timing was spot on!!

Check out for future Pro GRT Tour race dates and other details.


Next on our race schedule is the U.S. Open of mountain Biking in Vernon, NJ May 22nd – May 24th. This event is the equivalent of a World Cup, and has a $5000 purse for the winner! This is technical, rocky track which takes a huge amount of focus. Buhl, Binggeli, Ulmer and myself will all be there given it our best for KHS. This will be Binggeli’s first race since his unfortunate injury at Bootleg Canyon earlier this season.

Please stay tuned for more updates and photos as they become available.

All the best!