Report by: Quinton Spaulding

Photos by: Monique Spaulding

Shortly after departing from the Monterey Bay area, we were getting into our drive through Northern CA when we drove over a box of contractors nails on the Freeway. Having done so, we acquired 7 flats between the truck and trailer … thank God for Big O Tires!

Back on the road again and driving through the Red Woods in Oregon. These had to have been some of the most beautiful mountain passes I have ever driven through.

In Oregon they pump your gas for you, and with a smile at that … what a Breath of Fresh Air!

Wind surfing capital of the world is Hood River’s latest distinction, it is also a Mecca for Kite Boarders.  The majestic snow capped peak of Mt. Hood, Hood River has become the destination of choice for wind surfers from around the world. The winds from the Columbia River Gorge,( best during the middle of the day), create ideal conditions for riding the waves. To enjoy the view of “boardheads” at play, drive to the Columbia Gorge Sailpark or follow Second Street to the waterfront.

Whilst we were in Hood River, OR. we hooked up with Shred Alert’s Justin Acker, who kindly shuttled our team up to some of the best riding in the World…thanks for a great time Justin!

Bikes back in the trailer, quick good byes and off to Washington State!

Port Angeles has a great feel to it, everybody is so friendly and laid back.

If  you look to the West, you see the ocean, looking to the East, you see  the Mountains.

First thing on the Agenda for us was a an Allout Productions movie premier at the Red Lion Hotel.  KHS rider Logan Binggeli happened to be the headliner in this movie.

Check out the teaser!

Mike Estes is the NW Sales rep for many good brands. He is also a part of the crew that makes it happen at Port Angeles. These are some of the BEST race promoters in the business today.

Ian Hylands in the house!

Team ODI / X-Fusion.

Buhl spun her legs out to and from the hotel daily… we made sure she stayed on track and kept up the pace.

We got set up and ready for the weekend with relative ease, considering we were in the woods with a 50′ truck and trailer!

Thanks to my wife and team mom Monique, the team was always well nourished and hydrated.

This is serious business in Port Angeles… you will be cited!

Heath taking a nap before the finals!

The media was in the finish area and were also dug in all the way down this long but really quick track… ready to capture all the action!

Melissa had a good final and really wants to win the Pro GRT series this year. She has acquired enough points from round one to make that a reality.

4th on the day for Buhl, and surrounded by some of the best!

Chris Heath laid down a seriously good time and just missed the top 20 by 1 second placing 21st for KHS.

Logan Binggeli also had a really good run, he finished 25th for KHS.

Naish Ulmer impressed me at this race. He came into his own, and was only 1 second off his team mates. I think we will see a lot more speed from Ulmer this year!

Photo: Jeremiah Dylan Dean

I stayed clean, and ran a respectable time finishing 64th out of 94. please click on the photo for a Go Pro view of a practice run at Port Angeles.

Pro Men’s podium – WORLD CUP… no matter how you slice it!

Heath was rewarded for setting the fastest time on the team at Port Angeles.

Mt. Shasta, CA

You try spending 16 hours in a truck with these fools and see if you don’t land up in the woods taking photos. Anything to break up the drive!

Next on the agenda for  team KHS  will be a drive up to New York, for round number two on the Pro GRT Tour. The Pro GRT Gravity events are USA Cycling’s National series and Round number two will be held at Plattekill Mountain in Roxbury, NY, KHS is the PRESENTING sponsor of this national event.

Please stay tuned for more updates and photos as they become available.

All the best,