Report by: Quinton Spaulding

Photos by: Monique Spaulding

KHS Bicycles was the presenting sponsor of the Pro GRT Tour at Plattekill, NY. (which was stop number 2 of the Tour for KHS). It was a Jr. World Qualifier and a UCI Points race, but most of all it was a HUGE success!

We were fortunate enough to have our pit access right at the base of the chairlift, which was also just a few steps away from the finish line.

We were also a mere 50 yards from the best burger in Roxbury, NY.

The folks at Plattekill went all out with this race. Included were some really nice clothing items with a cool print.

Practice runs were the main objective from the moment we arrived. I unfortunately hit a tree in one of the early sessions, eliminating myself from competition at Plattekill. The rest of the team were on fire with everybody putting in fast clean laps, moving toward the finals.


Taking a break for hydration and cool-down between sessions were important in the New York heat and humidity.

Peter Heath came out to Plattekill to watch his son race. Peter frequently took Chris to Plattekill Mountain as a child, which is where he learned to snowboard, and eventually got turned onto Downhill racing.

During practice, Binggeli rails the wall right before the finish line.

Exiting the wall was somewhat tricky at high speeds.

Heath had it pinned every single run.

Ulmer always brings the “style”!  He had a pretty good get-off during practice on this wall ride, but somehow managed to remove all the skin from one butt cheek doing so. As painful as it was, it was also a quick reminder of the detailed mental focus it takes to race DH.

There were numerous World Cup teams and riders in attendance, and a good finish at this event ensured UCI Points.

We got some good rain on the Friday night, so qualifying was a little slicker than expected. This made for the best race conditions possible for Sundays finals.

We brought out all the stops for this one!

The chairlift was busy all weekend long, East Coast summers are great for DH racing.

Buhl during her race run Sunday. She was on the GAS and sporting her US National Championship jersey.

KHS’s Melissa Buhl took 2nd to Tracey Mosley (Trek World Racing) on the day. Jill Kitner (Red Bull/ Transition) and Darian Harvey (Vixon Racing) took 3rd and 4th respectively.

Photo: Jeremiah Dylan Dean

Binggeli CRUSHED it during his final run. He was one off the podium in 6th with what I believe is his best performance yet, considering who rounded out the top ten.

Photo: Jeremiah Dylan Dean

Heath had a great final run,  finishing 15th inside the top 20, and gaining valuable points for the Pro GRT overall title.

Photo: Jeremiah Dylan Dean

Ulmer put in another solid 28th place finish in a field of 60 – he continues to build confidence and fitness.

Carney had a good time racing downhill at Plattekill he finished right behind his team mate Ulmer in 29th. Although Blake is primarily focused on 4X, I believe you will see him racing more and more Downhill.

Photo: Jeremiah Dylan Dean

From left to right: Duncan Riffle (Giant Factory), Bryn Atkinson (Transition Cycles), Andrew Neethling (Trek World Racing), Justin Leov (Trek World Racing), Kieran Bennett (DRD Racing)

KHS just missed this podium, so we had to pay tribute with a picture to show it’s World Class caliber.

KHS gave away some AWESOME prizes to some lucky winners. We had a great time and were overwhelmed with the warm response we received from the locals at this event.

Back onto the Interstates of America and off to Vernon, NJ for the US Open of Mountain Biking.

Please stay tuned for more updates and photos as they become available.

All the best,