Photos by: Quinton Spaulding

Report by: Quinton Spaulding


Vince and myself hit the road late Wednesday evening last week for our road trip to Providence, Rhode Island. We were on our way to the Outdoor Demo on the East Coast.

This will be a road trip to remember, we will have traveled 5500 miles round-trip when all is said and done. We crossed the Mississippi and Missouri rivers twice into-and-out of the East Coast.

I could not tell you where this was, I think a took this photo while I was half asleep in the passenger seat.

This is a shot of one of the many bridges we past under along the way, and look at the foliage – there was a great array of colors…quite spectacular to look at!

Vince made sure to stay on top of things and keep us under budget for the trip, I figured I would throw this picture in for proof of his diligence!

And he never stops working!! I am not sure if he continued to work on his emails and other things whilst I was asleep, but I was simply to tired to open my eyes and check.

Just like a scene from a horror movie, the hallway looked “pretty ominous” during our departure at 4am for the next leg of our long trip.

As you can tell Vince did most all the work on this trip, I just slept most of the way (ha ha). This was somewhere in Nebraska…Nothing but Corn Fields and Missile Silo’s out there, oh yeah and truck stops!

Scenes from the road.

Just when I thought we getting somewhere this sign pops up, the guy who made this sign has a lot of BAWLS!

We stayed in some plush surroundings at the Comfort Suites in Rhode Island – Thanks Wayne D!


Setting up at the event was actually a great change of pace. Even though Vince and myself both felt a little motion sickness from the 43 plus hours of driving we were just happy to be out in the fresh air.

We had the PRIMO spot at the Demo, dead center on flat ground right in front of the entrance!

A look at our booth from the inside.

Unfortunately they had no water available at the event, so we had to run the water jugs back to the hotel to fill them. I was wishing for Vince to take care of it the whole way back….and then my wish came true.

We stacked the bikes in the trailer each evening and even Wayne D got his hands dirty helping us pack up.


Left to right: Wayne D. Gray, Quinton Spaulding, Derek Griggs, Vince Calvillo and Tracy Neff

Here is a shot of the tech area shortly after most everybody had setup.

And below is a few more photos from the park that hosted the event.

Everything went really smooth for us and we could not have planned this trip better. Overall the demo days were a little slow, but I attribute this to being the first year on the East Cost and do hope to be back in 2009.

All the best Q,