Report by: Quinton Spaulding

Photos by: Monique Spaulding

Driving through the Nevada desert can be mesmerizing.

It can  induce one into stopping at weird places and taking photos…

…of things you normally wouldn’t!

Then we snap out of our road amnesia and get back to it!

From the desolate desert to the green of the California mountains.

Northstar at Tahoe is a little ritzy, but they have everything!

Jeremiah Dylan Dean.

He was the one who said  “If you put it on, they will come!” well…they are coming!  Every Pro GRT thus far has had a 1st class World Cup podium to prove it.

Thanks to TK, Eric and the folks at Northstar for giving us a ride to the pits each morning.

Lift lines were long and the track was full of competitors practicing their lines. These Pro GRT events are the “real deal”, and DH is on the up -and -up.

The guy that raced this well assembled quad DH rig looked really good on the track. We happened to go back -and -forth during a run… so much fun!

Tom and his crew from Team Big Bear. They were in charge of timing and scoring and did a fantastic job as always.

Buhl qualified 1st for the ladies in the DH, but unfortunately had a big crash in her final. We were just happy to see her come down in one piece.

Binggeli put in another solid race weekend, he qualified 9th and placed 10th amongst the best.

Heath placed 13th in the final (another elusive top 20 finish for him).

Ulmer took 34th.

Carney unfortunately crashed in his race run and ended up 48th.

I placed 7th in  Vet Pro.

Valenzuela boosts the finish line jump for 14th place in Vet Pro .

Buhl won the 4X event on Saturday for KHS.

South African Native, Greg Minnaar, takes the win!

Left to right: Cedric Gracia (Oakley/Oneal), Bryn Atkinson (Transition), Greg Minnaar (Santacruz Syndicate), Steve Peat (Santacruz Syndicate), Mitch Ropelato (Fox)


Every race has a tear down session. This happened to be an easy one simply because it was another good race weekend for the team.




Next for us is stop number 4 on the Pro GRT Tour in Winter Park, CO.

Please stay tuned for more photos and results as they become available.

All the best,