Logan Binggeli And Jacqueline Harmony Top Pro GRT Standings After Final Round

The USA Cycling Pro Gravity Tour (Pro GRT) concluded this weekend with the Northstar Pro GRT at the Northstar California Mountain Bike Park in Truckee, Calif. With 190 and 132 points respectively, Logan Binggeli (Saint George, Utah/KHS) and Jacqueline Harmony (Sedona, Ariz./IXS-510-Smith Optics) are the overall race calendar winners.


Bingelli placed second in the final round, allowing him to overtake the first-place position from Aaron Gwin(Temecula, Calif./Trek World Racing) who wasn’t present at Northstar. In addition to his second place finish, Bingelli also won the Chile Challenge and Whiteface Pro GRT rounds this season. Gwin finishes the 2012 Pro GRT in second with 160 points while Northstar winner,Kevin Aiello (Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.), is third with 98 points, and Justin Leov (NZL/Trek World Racing) and Phil Kmetz (Keene, N.H./Von Cooper) round out the top five with 82 and 60 points respectively.

Aiello completed the Northstar course with a time of 4:02.81 to take the top step of the podium in Northstar. Bingelli was less than a second off that winning pace with a time of 4:03.81 and taking third place on the day was Graeme Pitts (Nevada City, Calif.) with a time of 4:05.33.


Jacqueline Harmony officially claimed the women’s Pro GRT title after winning her third straight round in Northstar. After the final round, the women’s standings went unchanged. Harmony is at the top with 192 points while Lauren Daney (Stafford, Va./DRD Intense) finished the season in second with 128 points. Amber Price (Westiminister, Colo./Royal Racing USA)is third with 86 while Elinor Wesner(Wappingers Falls, N.Y./F.L.R. Wheel & Heel) and Joanna Petterson(Jericho, Vt./Nema Maxxis) are fourth and fifth with 70 and 65 points.

In California, Harmony took another decisive win after descending the mountain in a time of 4:43.23. She beat out second- and third-place riders Adrienne Schneider (Incline Village, Nev.) and Gabriela Williams who clocked times of 4:58.85 and 4:59.40.


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USA Cycling Pro GRT Standings:Men
Logan Binggeli (Saint George, Utah/KHS) – 190
Aaron Gwin (Temecula, Calif./Trek World Racing) – 160
Kevin Aiello (Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.) – 98
Justin Leov (NZL/Trek World Racing) – 82
Phil Kmetz (Keene, N.H./Von Cooper) – 60Women
Jacqueline Harmony (Sedona, Ariz./IXS-510-Smith Optics)- 192
Lauren Daney (Stafford, Va./DRD Intense) – 128
Amber Price (Westiminister, Colo./Royal Racing USA) – 86
Elinor Wesner (Wappingers Falls, N.Y./F.L.R. Wheel & Heel) – 70
Joanna Petterson (Jericho, Vt./Nema Maxxis) – 65 
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