Camp KHS 2017


MARCH 23. 2017.

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"It's that time of the year again! KHS Factory Racing is having another MTB camp and we want you there! Two full days of coaching and training with the elite of KHS!"
-Quinton Spaulding

ALL AGES AND SKILL LEVELS ARE WELCOMED! You have the golden opportunity to hang out with the best of the best in downhill MTB racing and get full hands on training in developing your MTB skills to the fullest!



MTB Basic Fundamentals 101

New to mountain biking? Maybe somewhat experienced, but never been introduced to the fundamentals of MTB riding? Gain your confidence as Quinton and Logan teaches you the core skills in tackling technical trails with confidence and ease. Following this training you will see an immediate improvement in your riding. You’ll understand how changes in your body position, footwork and where you are looking affect the way your bike behaves on single track trails. You’ll be able to tackle steeper terrain, corner with greater control and negotiate small trail obstacles with ease.

Summary- this hands on training includes:

Mind skills
The Ready Position
Dynamic weight shift
Effective braking
Negotiating trail obstacles
Cornering skills
Negotiating steep terrain


MTB Intermediate/Advanced

Our Intermediate/Advanced coaching training will build upon your MBT Fundamentals to give you a toolbox of mountain bike skills that you can apply to any terrain, in any location, and any in conditions; be it rock gardens back country trail or a local race course. This full day training also looks closely at the key elements to finding your flow and builds upon your fundamentals to improve your trail speed and energy management.

Following training you will see an immediate improvement in your riding and a boost in your confidence on technical trails. You will be able to tackle rougher terrain and trickier corners with greater control and negotiate bigger trail obstacles and moderate drops with confidence and commitment. You will also gain a boost in speed and commitment on fast flowing single track, switchbacks, berms; all of which achieved with far less pedaling by using the topography of the trail to retain, and even, increase speed.


KHS Jumping Sessions with U.S.A's #1 pro-rider Logan Binggeli


Learn the fundamentals of MTB jumping in a safe controlled environment with pro rider / mountain bike coach Logan Binggeli. He will take you through a series of progressions that will have you jumping in no time. This MTB session will start with basic wheel lifts, flat hops, bunny hops, tail whips and work it's way to weighting and un-weighting over a jump, practice on small gap jumps, jumps in succession and landing on descents, flat and more. The amin objective is to have you successfully clear gap jumps while landing safely with confidence. Because of the 1 on 1 training interaction with Logan this session is limited. On a first come first serve basis. Register your spot now to ensure availability


Please check periodically as we will update this page with more sessions that will be available.