Report by: Quinton Spaulding

Photos by: Monique Spaulding

We were in Fontana, California this past weekend for the finals of the Golden State Championships.

FREEAGENT / ROCKSTAR Team Manager Dale Holmes, made an appearance for the KHS Factory Team in the 4X event on Saturday. Dale used to fill a permanent spot on our roster as a 4X specialist not too long ago, but nowadays what with  managing an Olympic Gold Medalist/World Champ, FreeAgent’s Maris Strombergs,(not to forget managing the rest of the Team), he tries to get  a little racing in here-and-there. To sum it up … he is simply too busy!!

Holmes looked GREAT. He was out front in every heat as usual, but unfortunately slid out towards the bottom of the track in the final run, putting him in third place.

Right there to snap up the lead, was team mate Blake Carney, who went on to take the win for KHS on the day.

It was a hot weekend to say the least, and it was Tanners Lemonade Stand that saved the day… it took but a quarter  to quench your thirst!

Staying cool  and hydrated is imperative if you want to do well at an event like this in Fontana… it is so easy to overheat and dehydrate!

Mike Lord from six3events “in the house”!

Left to right: Dale Holmes (KHS Factory), Blake Carney (KHS Factory) and Jake Kinney (BlkMrkt)

Carney  took the Overall win for the series in the 4X Golden State Championships, 2010.(adding yet another title to his resume) … well done Blake!

During DH on Sunday, a gust of wind uprooted this huge tree and SLAMMED it to the ground. It was heard throughout the entire parking lot. Luckily no one was hurt!

Photo courtesy: Mike Lord

I had a solid run in the finals Sunday morning. It was windy, so staying low and on the power was key.

Left to right: “Willy G”, Quinton Spaulding (KHS Factory), Joe Picchiottino, Dan Hoofman, Russ Lebarron (Southridge ODI)

I took 3rd in the Vet PRO class… tough class! My time however, would have put me 2nd in the PRO class?! For COMPLETE results click here

KHS “B Team” rider Jim De Haven took 2nd on the day and 2nd in the overall, GREAT job representing Jim!

Back to Vegas! Time to get ready for “BIG THINGS”!

Thanks to ALL OUR SPONSORS who helped our team achieve what it has this year… WE REALLY APPRECIATE YOU!!