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FLOAT DPS is a KHS exclusive for seamless integration into our full-suspension frames. Our selected 2018 models currently features this technology.

Accelerating aggressively without losing efficiency to pedal bob is every professional racer and mountain biker enthusiast desire. Confidently take gnarly, technical lines knowing that your rear shock will provide an instant, supple response. You’ll feel the difference of a shock that immediately transitions from soft to firm as you fly out of corners. You’ll experience the beauty of simply being in the moment.

FLOAT DPS does exactly what you need it to do, exactly when you need it to. No more adjustments on the trail, no more choice between efficiency or control—pure confidence and enjoyment no matter what the race course or trail brings you.


The Dual Piston valve design improves both rebound and compression flow, allowing for active and supple Open and Medium modes without compromising Firm mode stiffness.

FLOAT shocks with the Dual Piston System (DPS) feature three on-the-fly settings—Open, Medium, and Firm—to allow riders to adapt to a wide variety of terrain. The valve design provides full lockout without compromising bump compliance, ride control, and efficiency. Factory Series shocks feature an additional 3 clicks of low-speed compression adjustability in the Open mode.



Patented Air Transfer Port System

Our EVOL linear spring curve gives forks and shocks plushness off the top, extra mid-stroke support, and more tunable bottom-out progression, allowing riders to tap into the ideal pairing of front and rear-end feel.

EVOL Air Sleeve
The lightweight one-piece EVOL air sleeve was designed for each shock size (imperial, trunnion and metric) to balance internal forces, and has maximized bushing overlap to reduce friction during “real world” forces like side-loading and twisting.



Buttery smooth

Kashima’s distinctive gold color is backed by its high performance attributes—properties that provide an exceptionally smooth feel and extreme durability.