Report by: Quinton Spaulding

Pictures by: Monique Spaulding

The Fontana City National… something of an “oddball” on the Gravity Calender, but always well contested and well worthy of its title!

The 2010 US Cup Pro XCT is what brings the National to Fontana, but its the only race on their calender that has Downhill and 4X. Once upon a time we all played together, and brought prestige to one another, now its seems that the Cross Country moving onto its own was a mistake. Gravity events on the other hand are on the surge, so maybe we should thank them for cutting us loose!

We did a little XC ride of our own before DH practice began on Friday, (just to spin out the legs). Binggeli however,likes to include walls, stairs, benches, logs, rocks, jumps as well as a little curb hopping.

Keeping our equipment clean is key… it’s also rule # 1 in the KHS Factory Race Book of rules .

We were  spoiled the entire weekend with entertainment.. Ronnie from Marzzochi was our DJ

… and the stunt road bikers put on an awesome show!

These guys are pro’s and obviously commit many hours a day to honing their skills …thanks for coming out!

The SHIMANO kids race was the real deal! These kids were itching to take off and all of them had their “eye on the prize”.

The first race on the schedule for our team was the 4X Saturday afternoon. Blake Carney looked strong on track and put in service for KHS.

Blake went on to earn a great result finishing 3rd to none other than the current 4X National Champion, Mitch Ropelato, (who was 2nd) and the current 4X UCI World Champion, Jared Graves took the win!

Shuttles went very smoothly the whole weekend, however, all the shuttle vans had “broken air conditioners” and that made life miserable for the downhillers. and the drivers alike.

Left to right: Mitch Ropelato (Specialized), Jared Graves (Yeti), Blake Carney (KHS),

Logan Binggeli attacked Sundays race track. At the same time he said there were sections where he backed off to make sure he placed with a good result.

Binggeli finished a familiar 7th place amongst a very competitive “World Class” top ten!

Blake Carney had a few bobbles but put in a good effort.

Carney said he needed a little more time to get used to his bike, and also adjust to returning to the DH realm.

I had some nervous tension before Sunday’s race… which turned into a crash in the first turn out the gate.

Right after that I got up and rode the wheels off my bike! I have to admit I was a little disappointed, but I still had fun… It was a GREAT track!

Melissa Buhl continued on with her powerful “winning streak”. Once again her nearest competitor was more than 15 seconds back!

Buhl moves forward onto the Sea Otter Classic with tons of confidence and hopes of taking the Dual Slalom and Downhill titles.

Left to right: Jennifer Wolf (Cove/Gravity Garage), Joanna Pettersen(Nema), Melissa Buhl (KHS), Gabriela Williams (StevieZ Racing), Joy Martin (Vixen Racing).

Chuck Valenzuela on the podium for KHS!

Jim De Haven takes another for KHS!

Tony Landy on the podium for KHS.

In-N- Out came out and gave away a few hundred hamburgers… so tasty!

Logan wants to go home, Jim shows me the nearest Rite Aid, Dave is being himself… and I think Chuck is posing!


Please stay tuned for our next update which will be from the Sea otter Classic April 15th-18th.

All the best,