Report by: Quinton Spaulding

Photos by: Monique Spaulding

We were in Brian Head, UT bright and early on Friday the 13th for our first DH practice. This event had Super D as well as DH and we had full intentions of participating in both.

Brian Head has some of the most AGGRESSIVE riding in the World!

The weather was magnificent all weekend long.

I ended up with the number 13 on Friday the 13th…this had to be a sign (of what, I was not sure)!

I strapped that plate on upside down in anticipation (still not sure what it held…possibly more luck)?!

The future of our sport!! Everyone of these young lads can rip!

KHS “B Team” rider, Tony Landy grabbed 3rd place in the DH.

Ulmer and myself managed to snatch first and second place on the podium in DH (Naish being in 1st place) as well as some CASH .

This was one of the best Super D events ever…besides being a HUGE workout!

Back to the top for our race run!

Scott Johnson (in black) was the winner. He set a new course record for the “DARK HOLLOW”  Super D track with a time of 19.20.86. Ulmer took second  with a time of 19.47.89, and I took third with a time of 19.53.32. The three of us were the only competitors to go sub 20 minutes.

Ulmer also won the overall in the Super D series as well as the Utah State Championships… well done Naish!

A Big Thank You to Ron and his family for putting on these was AWESOME! If you have never raced a Utah State Series race at Brian Head, you have no idea what you’re missing!

We will be in Windham, New York next week for the final part of the UCI World Cup Finals,  so please stay tuned for more photos and updates as they become available.

All the best,