Photos: Monique & Brittany Spaulding

Report: Quinton Spaulding

Park City, Utah was the home of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. The Olympics generate millions of dollars for growth and preparation before it’s arrival, and this left Park City with an infrastructure second to none! The above picture illustrates how you practice “Ski Jumping” during the summer months… and these guy’s go big!!

The NORBA trailer and crew were there upon our arrival. These guy’s work really hard to put on these races and provide the racers with a lot of satisfaction. Racing is in their blood just the same as ours and this definitely provides us with a common bond and friendship.

There is so much to do here, and it all involves a healthy lifestyle. I am a HUGE fan of this place, the town is as clean as a whistle, the stores are all so well kept and their local service is definitely above average…the best thing of all is that the air is so very clean.

KHS was one of the very first teams to arrive at Deer Valley early Monday morning, allowing us the extra time to get all our ducks in a row prior to all the madness that would follow throughout the week and weekend. We had arrived directly from Wolf Mountain in Ogden, Utah about an hour North of Salt Lake City.

We were on site no more than a couple of hours when this happened. One minute you have perfectly blue skies…no wind, nothing to worry about right?? Well no, because the next moment a change in weather moves in and there is destruction!

This left me with a 3 hour tent rebuild, however luckily for me I had spare parts from a previously destroyed E-Z Up tent which helped get it back together.

We were treated to a great show in the parking lot by these young ladies on their unicycles. They made their synchronized display look very easy, but I am sure that it has taken them many, many hours of practice to achieve their polished routine.

It did not take long to get into the mix of things. Slalom finals were Saturday evening and we were in for a real treat on what was a very well constructed track. Melissa Buhl qualified 1st for the Elite ladies and Logan Binggeli 9th for the Elite men. I was pretty excited for KHS and it’s riders to get started and lay down some fast runs.

KHS Factory racer Logan Binggeli raced well, he made quick work of eliminating riders before advancing into the round of eight.

Unfortunately Binggeli lost his chain in the round of eight and had to pump the track to the finish line. This left him with a very respectable 7th place finish and some more valuable points towards the overall Dual Slalom title chase. I definitely think he would have gone further had it not been for his chain problems. Sometimes there is no amount of preparation that can avoid a badly timed mechanical.

Top 20 Elite Men DUAL SLALOM

1 Cameron Cole (NZl) Maxxis

2 Petr Hanak (USA) Totally Wired

3 Chris Boice (USA) Yeti/Fox Shox Factory Team

4 Aaron Gwin (USA) Yeti Cycles

5 Mike Haderer (USA) Fox Shox/Yeti

6 Ryan Condrashoff (USA) X-Fusion/Santa Cruz Bicycles

7 Logan Binggeli (USA) KHS BICYCLES

8 Orlando Martinez (Cub)

9 Sam Blenkisop (NZl) Yeti/Fox Shox Factory Team

10 James Schwanke (USA) Mongoose/Ano/Oakley

11 Nick Vandine (USA) Sobe Cannondale

12 Chad Lorrain (USA) Brodie USA

13 Rudy Unrau (USA) Yeti/Fox Shox Factory Team

14 Mike Kreger (USA) The Fix/Fly/Transition Bikes/Diety

15 John Hauer (USA) X-Fusion/Mongoose Bicycles

16 Joseph Backus (USA) Staats Bicycles

17 Tommy Tokarczyk (USA) Jamis Bikes/Shark Energy Drink

18 Jd Swanguen (USA) Ms/Intense

19 Chris Van Dine (USA) Cannondale

20 Cody Wilderman (USA) Totally Wired

Newly crowned World Champion 4X racer Melissa Buhl was in great form and went through to the finals unchallenged.

Top 8 Elite Women DUAL SLALOM

1 Melissa Buhl (USA) KHS BICYCLES

2 Lisa Myklak (USA) Spyder/Fox/Black Market

3 Leana Gerrard (USA) Mona Vie Cannondale

4 Joanna Petterson (RSA)

5 Jessica Vogt (USA) Ely/Turner

6 Jackie Harmony (USA) Zumbi/Loeka/Amc/Hayes/Monster

7 Leslie Slagle (USA) Aggro Bikes

8 Darian Harvey (USA) Sobe/Cannondale

Here is a shot of Buhl adorning her rainbow stripes in preparation for the SHIMANO kids race which is a routine feature at the NMBS events. Buhl rode with the kids and was a real crowd pleaser.

Like I said before you can never prepare enough to avoid mechanicals but you still have to do your very best, and that is what the KHS crew does at every race we attend…our very best!

The track looked very inviting Sunday morning, we did however still have a nervous silence fall over the pits before the Pro Downhill qualifying and main event. This is common in Downhill racing and just goes to show how much focus racing Downhill demands. This race track was high speed, loose, rough and full of features with huge obstacles. It is the kind of track that can end your season in an instant, so we were all very happy to leave with only minor scrapes and abrasions.

All 3 of the KHS Elite men that signed up performed well. We all ended up in the top 25 amongst some of the best in the world, this was a pleasing overall result for the team.

Top 30 Elite Men DOWNHILL

1 Justin Leov (NZl) Yeti/Fox Shox Factory Team

2 Amiel Cavalier (USA) Giant 0.05.87

3 Sam Blenkisop (NZl) Yeti/Fox Shox Factory Team 0.05.92

4 Aaron Gwin (USA) Yeti Cycles 0.06.08

5 Chris Van Dine (USA) Cannondale 0.09.80

6 Kieran Bennett (NZl) Kb Racing 0.10.67

7 Nick Vandine (USA) Sobe Cannondale 0.13.59

8 Andrew Pierce (USA) Specilized/Go-Ride 0.15.61

9 Matt Johnston (USA) KHS BICYCLES 0.16.25

10 Ian Odom (USA) Brodie Cycles 0.17.73

11 Brad Benedict (USA) X-Fusion/Santa Cruz Bicycles 0.17.89

12 Chris Boice (USA) Yeti/Fox Shox Factory Team 0.19.16

13 Brad Oien (USA) Odi/Southridge/Tuner 0.19.42

14 Tim *Tj* Sharp (USA) Yeti/Fox 0.19.83

15 Szymon Kowalski (Pol) Mojo Wheels 0.22.02

16 Anthony Diaz (USA) Durango Cyclery 0.22.17

17 Mike Kreger (USA) The Fix/Fly/Transition Bikes/Diety 0.22.64

18 Quinton Spaulding (USA) KHS BICYCLES 0.22.95

20 Chris Shewmake (USA) Sol Vista Bike Park 0.22.96

21 Matt Fisher (USA) Thefixbikes.Com 0.23.12

22 William Warren (USA) Kona Bicycles 0.27.69

23 Phil Wheeler (USA) The Fix 0.27.76

24 Logan Binggeli (USA) KHS BICYCLES 0.28.35

25 Tyler Wilson (USA) Intense Cycles 0.29.35

26 Dave Ziegman (USA) Yeti Cycles 0.29.69

27 Jon Wilson (USA) Northstar/Giant 0.33.24

28 Rick Goldrup (USA) SWD/Fox Racing 0.35.56

29 John Hauer (USA) X-Fusion/Mongoose Bicycles 0.36.62

30 Ryan Condrashoff (USA) X-Fusion/Santa Cruz Bicycles 0.38.48

Melissa Buhl did not compete in Sundays Downhill race due to an injury she suffered in Italy on her thumb.

Once again our pit area was very popular after the race and we had some friendly fans with some very high dollar choppers come pay us a visit.

All that was left to do after this two week road trip was pack it all up and head home. Home is Vegas for me so it was somewhat depressing to leave this cool, beautiful green destination for the blazing hot, brown desert.

Driving off into the sunset reminded me that I only had two weeks to regroup and get ready for stop number 5 of the Mountain Cup Series in Snowmass, Colorado. That is where the KHS crew will be next…ready to take care of business.

As always we would like to give a huge thanks to our sponsors, they are the best of the best!

Please stay tuned for more pictures and updates as they become available.

All the best,