Report by: Quinton Spaulding

Photos by: Monique Spaulding

Winter Park, Colorado is up in the clouds… it is a mountain on top of a mountain. The potential for Downhill racing is limitless and I believe that a World Cup race could quite easily
be hosted there.
What an AWESOME venue for a mountain bike race!

As always…the Early Bird gets the worm!

From our Pit area, we continuously had an awesome view of what was going on.

Everyone was having fun!

Dual Slalom took place on the Friday, so it was somewhat of a scramble to get all preparations completed on time.

Buhl ended up taking 2nd place in the Slalom finals along with a nice size check.

Photo: Ian Hylands

Crankworx is “flippin crazy”! Brandon Semenuk took the win in the slopestyle finals on Friday afternoon.

I can do that!… Yeah, for sure me too!

The clouds rolled in every afternoon, followed by thundershowers! We were hoping that the weather would hold off for Sundays DH Finals, but apparently we were not going to be so lucky.

Staying dry was not an easy task.

I got caught in a good downpour at the top of the mountain, and took it all the way to the pits!

Photo: Dean Henthorn

Melissa Buhl qualified 1st for KHS in the ladies DH. The track was dry during qualifying, making for faster times than the “wet” finals.

Photo: Ian Hylands

Buhl took a solid 2nd place podium finish in the “wet” final.

Photo: Dean Henthorn

Chris Heath qualified 4th and was looking good for a really strong finish. Unfortunately, he caught the worst end of the storm. (all  top qualifiers were in the same position), so it was difficult to beat times placed in drier conditions in the earlier part of the final. Heath still secured an important 19th place finish in the Pro GRT points.

Ulmer was also a top qualifier, (he qualified  7th). He finished 27th in the tougher rainy conditions.

Photo: Dean Henthorn

Binggeli was the number 1 qualifier in the Men’s DH for KHS, (giving us the top qualifying spots in both the men’s and women’s category) – a really strong result!

Photo: Ian Hylands

Binggeli qualified first, which meant he descended last in the finals. This really worked against him as he was served the wettest, trickiest conditions.

Photo: Long Nguyen

This however did not phase him, he still ran a blistering time and finished in 3rd to everybody’s surprise! I am quite confident had he got to race a drier track, his time would’ve gapped the field just like his qualifier.

Left to right: Logan Binggeli (KHS Bicycles) Waylon Smith (Mongoose), Jason Memmelaar (Giant / HBG)

Packing up in the rain is just like like racing in the rain…

…its not as fast!

Back in Vegas! OK Henderson!

Now preparation for the final stop on the 2010 UCI World Cup calender begins. This will be held in the United States, in Windham, New York, and we will be there in FULL FORCE!

Please stay tuned for more updates and photos as they become available.

All the best,