Report by: Quinton Spaulding

Photos by: Monique Spaulding

On our way through Colorado headed towards CrankWorx, CO 2009.

Winter Park Resort is a great place to ride… they have endless trails and a very well maintained park.

This years event was plagued by rain, however, it did clear up for the main event being the “slopestyle”.

We kept warm and well fed during the week with our
“bring along BBQ”!

Those were the only rules!

I rode with David K this entire event… it was fast and a lot of fun!

Just off to the side of the trail, a HUGE deer!

The opportunity was too tempting for one rider, he charged the deer but was no match for its speed and agility.

The “Boulevard Trail” at Winter Park Mountain Bike Ski Resort.

Logan Binggeli was unable to attend CrankWorx, Colorado due to an accidental cut to his hand. He had to allow it time to heal before the Pro GRT race at Snowmass CO, the following weekend.

I was back after experiencing  a small hairline fracture to my left hand at a previous race, but unfortunately  I was not a 100%… I failed to qualify for the finals.

The “Hot Seat” was large and well constructed  – it dwarfed anyone who sat in it!

If you were this little guy… which way would you have gone?

We departed Monday afternoon for Snowmass, Colorado only to encounter some really hostile thunderstorms. This made the drive all that more exciting.

Off to Snowmass hoping to find a real downhill race track, with high speed, steep, testing sections… Report to follow soon.

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Please stay tuned for more updates and photos as they become available.

All the best!