Photos by: Monique & Brittany Spaulding

Report by: Quinton Spaulding

Getting an early start Monday morning in preparation for the “Big Finale” at Brian Head Resort in Utah.

The season seems to fly by real quick when you are caught up in the middle of it. The traveling from race-to-race, city-to-city can be long and tiring and it is also tough to stay “injury free” in the points hunt, and not rush anything else in between that counts. We have accomplished that this season, and have only a few regional events left to complete a very successful race season for Team KHS.

The first discipline on the schedule for us was Dual Slalom. This was a short track that was built fairly well, which created a great atmosphere for head-to-head racing.

Melissa Buhl and Logan Binggeli both looked really good on this track during their first few warm up runs.

The dirt at Brian Head was really rocky. This forced most racers to run high tire pressures during the slalom training and racing. Here Binggeli gets in some early laps in preparation for the late evening qualifiers.

Buhl went on to crush all those who came up against her in Dual Slalom and cruised her way into the finals where she snatched the win with ease . Binggeli advanced through the rounds and raced extremely well all the way to the end. He made his way into the small final were he ended up 4th – his first podium finish at a National in Dual Slalom. He is really peaking right now and plans to carry this over into the final three Jeep King of the Mountain Dual Slalom Series races.

1. Melissa Buhl…KHS BICYCLES
2. Leslie Slagle…Aggro Bikes
3. Darian Harvey…Sobe-Cannondale
4. Tasa Herndon…Tore Up Racing

Melissa took the overall title for the NMBS Pro Womens Dual Slalom, and unless she has a mechanical (which thankfully hasn’t happened this year) or crashes out…she is just unbeatable!

1. Petr Hanak…Totally Wired
2. Mike Haderer…Fox Shox-Yeti
3. Blake Carney…Fly Racing-Maxxis-Hayes
4. Logan Binggeli…KHS BICYCLES
5. Chad Lorrain…Brodie
6. Erik Nelson…Troy Lee-Michelin
7. James Schwanke…Mongoose-Kenda-Axo-Oakley
8. Tommy Tokarczyk…Jamis
9. Eric Carter…Mongoose
10. John Hauer…X-Fusion/Mongoose

Logan has done a fantastic job with his Slalom racing this year. He is always looking to improve and deservedly captured the 4th place podium step in the overall title for 2008.

Rider: Keith Mott

It was early this season that I stated the KHS team was waiting to hit the “Big Mountain” tracks…we like the high speed rough terrain! It is a shame that we do not have more of this type of riding available to our National Downhill Athletes to improve the level of DH racing in the United States.

In the Downhill Finals Sunday, Keith Mott took 8th place – this is his best finish ever in the NMBS Series.

Rider: Quinton Spaulding

We were really prepared for this track, from the mental side right down to the last piece of equipment installed on our bikes…we came to Brian Head to excel as a team and as individuals.

I had my best finish at a National ever, taking 7th place only 0.56 sec off a 5th place podium finish.

Rider: Logan Binggeli

Binggeli also had a career best finish at a National – he took 2nd spot on the podium. In my opinion, he just seems to get faster every time he gets on his bike and I believe all the hard training is really starting to pay off for Logan.

All the podium celebrations had to be held indoors due to bad weather. It got really nasty Saturday evening with plenty of rain and a serious threat of snow flurries, however the worst did hold out for us on Sunday allowing us to get through without any serious weather outbursts.

As usual, Melissa killed it in the DH beating the 2nd place finisher by more than 27 seconds…WOW!


1. Melissa Buhl…KHS BICYCLES…3.56
2. Darian Harvey…Sobe-Cannondale…+0.27
3. Tasa Herndon…Tore Up Racing…0.40
4. Christine Hirst…Incycle-661-Atomlab…0.54
5. Michele Rivera…StevenK…1.01

Melissa settled for 2nd in the Womens overall title for DH. This can be attributed to the fact that she only managed to race two DH events this season due to her commitment on the Nissan World Cup Circuit.


1. Brad Oien…ODI-Southridge-Tuner…3.15.84
2. Logan Binggeli…KHS BICYCLES…+0.04.14
3. Brad Benedict…X-Fusion…0.05.70
4. Ben Talking Furbee…WTB-Arts Cyclery-Gamut…0.10.70
5. Jon Wilson…Northstar-Giant…0.11.21
6. Anthony Diaz…Durango Cyclery…0.11.67
7. Quinton Spaulding…KHS BICYCLES…0.11.77
8. Keith Mott…KHS BICYCLES…0.13.11
9. Hank Cadle…Amp’d Racing…0.16.76
10. Tyler Wilson…Intense Cycles…0.22.44

Binggeli also took the 4th place podium spot in the overall for the NMBS DH series… a great accomplishment in his very young career. I managed to take 12th in the overall, Matt Johnston 24th and Keith Mott 44th.

NMBS Overall Points Standings – Mens Pro DH Top 45 out of 109 Competitors

I would like to mention that I was the oldest guy in the top 70…read ’em and weep kids!

Prior to his departure from the Brian Head National Finals the “HEAD HONCHO” over at KENDA Tires gives the KHS Team a big thumbs up for the 2008 season thus far.

On our way down the mountain we were treated to an early “winter like” weather system. This was a “sight to see” and we were all just grateful to be in the warm KHS truck!

A “HUGE” thanks to our sponsors to whom we are very grateful!

Please stay tuned for more updates and photos as they become available.

All the best,