Redbull Rampage 2016 | Back to Basics

In just a few short days on the dawn of October 4th, Logan Binggeli along with his team of builders and support crew will head out into the desert to try and lay claim to one of the most prestigious titles in all of Mountain Biking. It is time for RAMPAGE!


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VIDEO: Rampage 2013 footage of Logan's HUGE CRASH! to add a title or text.

POV run get onboard with Logan on his finals run  at the 2015 Redbull Rampage

Logan charges down the skinny ridgelines, cool, calm and collected during some MASSIVE hits!

POV Logan Binggeli Redbull Rampage 2015

VIDEO: POV with Logan Binggeli 2015 Redbull Rampage

It will take (2) builders, selected by the rider, (10) days to build the riders line, it is a massive effort, BUT the reward could be "out of this world".

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Photo: Gunnar Lindstrom