Photos by: Monique Spaulding

Words by: Quinton Spaulding

The SHIMANO Winter Series moves forward to the 4th round!

Marzocchi’s Tom Rodgers and Bobby Acuna  took care of our suspension setups.

Saturday morning had intermittent rain showers.

Super D conditions were perfect for Saturday mornings race.

Once again, Binggeli held his own with a 4th place podium spot.

Rain in Fontana is nothing but a good thing…

…for the kids and the racers!

Carney prepares his 4X machine for battle.

All Out Productions pans the rainy pits.

The sun was out for 4X and Carney finished strong for KHS.

Another solid 4X podium for Blake.

Saturday afternoon brought out the fire pit and grill.

The KHS family enjoyed some Tri-Tip  on the Carney BBQ!

Jay Carney was in charge.

Sunday morning bright and early.

SRC timing and scoring.

Binggeli hucks it during his race run….

…testing his suspension to its limits!

This track was a little more of a pedal track than the last couple.

Making the end of the wall that much tougher, Binggeli sprints into a 3rd place finish!

Aiello focuses hard towards the bottom of the track.

The dirt was “EPIC”

Aiello sprints into 7th… just off the podium and only the first time this series.

Carney enjoyed the last DH race so much he came back for more.

Showing great form in the corners!

Carney finished right behind team mate Aiello in 8th, with another solid top 10.

KHS on the wood!

I had a poor weekend.

Was unable to make podium, but will be back with a vengeance in two weeks.

KHS mechanic “G-Money”  showed up in shape from Montana and raced the DH…

…and on the Podium in CAT 1 for KHS!… NICE JOB!

Keeping everyone informed is key!

We will be back in two weeks, PLEASE stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

THANKS to our sponsors –KENDA Tires, MARZOCCHI Suspension, VELO Saddles, iXS, ODI Grips, SHIMANO Components, KMC Chains, GAMUT Chainguides & CANE CREEK Headsets.


Until next time!