Photos by: Monique Spaulding

Words by: Quinton Spaulding

Elsinore has been a “hotbed” for testing two wheels on dirt, ever since testing began.

We were in Elsinore early Friday morning for suspension testing with Bryson and the boys from Marzocchi.

The trails here are steep, (which makes good for testing different equipment).

Plenty of shuttle runs later, we had acquired excellent data, and perhaps perfect setups for the weekends race at Fontana.

It is known that Elsinore has been home to some of the most Legendary hand-gliders. Upon our departure, we were lucky enough to witness some of them in flight.

Saturday morning bustle… geared up and ready for round 2 of the SHIMANO Winter Series!

IXS’s Lance Tueller (seen on the left) was there to show some support for our team.

Marzocchi and KHS pitted together this weekend. This allowed us to benefit from their dedication in supporting us at race events.

Saturdays weather was superb!

The pits were a buzz… Carney seen here preparing for 4X, as we headed out for some Downhill practice.

Binggeli had a strong finish in the Super D – taking 3rd!

Super D is perhaps the hardest physical event of all the racing diciplines at Fontana – KHS on the podium!

Ice-cream weather testing!

Carney was looking like the sure favorite for the 4x win.

In the final he took fourth, and valuable points for the overall title.

KHS on the 4x podium.

Go time!

Binggeli was on form for his race run taking the “top spot” on the podium!

Team mate Aiello, was right behind him taking the 5th spot on the podium. This would be two consecutive podiums for Aiello on a new bike, with a new team… quite an achievement!

KHS dominating the Pro DH podium!

I had a clean run Sunday

2nd place points toward the overall, and another Vet Pro podium for KHS!

“B Team” rider Jim De Haven, had to take a re-run for his 2nd place finish… 110%