Photos by: Monique Spaulding

Words by: Quinton Spaulding

Every year I look forward to the Fontana Winter Series and  this year was no different, except that it got bigger and better!! Don Jackson and his crew celebrated their 20th Anniversary at the opener of the 2011 Winter Series.

The dirt was FANTASTIC!! We lucked out with the conditions for sure!

Setting up Saturday morning was a little chilly… no complaints! This is the best weather for DH racing in CA if you want prime dirt conditions.

Logan Binggeli (left) and Scott Sharples (right) discuss the upcoming season and its potential.

The crowds came out of the woodwork in Fontana this past weekend. The atmosphere was a common one at these events… happiness!

The SRC ladies worked hard to get everybody signed up for their racing events.

More faces from the crowds  -  Grace Robledo and Thomas Elam  (Fontana MC).

The Legend, the Myth, Orlando Martinez A.K.A. “Dirty O” in the house!

Craig Inaba from Oxygen4Energy will be working closely with some of our teams athletes this year!

The first race on the agenda for us was 4X. Blake Carney was in the house and looking for a win.

Carney looked super good in all his heats. The 4X track was apparently refreshed for 2011, however, some racers feel that it still needs a couple more races on it to burn it in solid.

Carney has worked hard on his game this off season. He has big goals for 2011… which we look forward to helping him achieve!

Carney and GT’s Eric Carter went back and forth a few times during the heats…it was pretty intense!

On the day, Carney clinched 3rd place (very valuable opening round points).

The line to the DH shuttles started early and remained consistently busy throughout the allotted time for practice.

Joined by the newest member of our team, Kevin Aiello (seen on the left), we were ready to take care of business on the DH track!

Kevin Aiello had a fantastic debut for KHS in the pro DH.

Aiello enjoying his new KHS DH-300  Compared to last year, he feels like he is going faster already!

Aiello kept it wide open to the finish and took the 3rd fastest time of the day.

Binggeli was looking SUPER good in practice, and was a definite contender for the win Sunday…

…he was on fire out the start gate, when he unfortunately flatted his rear tire before the long wall sprint, amazingly he still took 22nd place. He will go back to class and school himself and get ready for the test  that round #2 will bring.

Aiello achieves his first podium for KHS… and CERTAINLY not his last!

Kevin explained to me after the race, the next time I see him in a magazine it would be in KHS / IXS gear.

My race got off to a great start,  however I got a little over zealous on one of the corners at the top and laid it down. There is really no recovery from a crash in a DH race… it is just too short and technical.

I stayed on it though…pushing through the disappointment of crashing but fueled by the awesomeness of the course.

Finishing strong hoping for the best!

I was honestly surprised to take third in Vet Pro on the day! We came to Fontana to achieve podiums, collect valuable points and represent the KHS brand – I believe we accomplished all of this!


KHS has some new sponsors for 2011 WE WANT TO DO THEM PROUD!!

Please stay tuned for more photos and updates as they become available. We will be back in Fontana, CA in two weeks for round number two.

All the best,