Photos by: Monique Spaulding

Report by: Quinton Spaulding

Scott Johnson on lap 2 of 4 looking calm and collected during his XC race Saturday morning – he finished in 3rd place. Later that day he raced the Super D and then went on to race DH on the Sunday… such a stud!

Johnson missed his XC podium whilst practicing for the Super D event (which followed directly after the XC event), hence no picture . However, he placed 3rd in the Pro Super D.

RL and Moe from were in attendance as always. Moe recently underwent shoulder surgery and is on the “injury recovery list”… get well soon!

Jim De Haven attacking about mid track during his race run. He went on to finish 6th on the podium for KHS!

Chuck Valenzuela tying one on! Valenzuela took the Pro Vet win in the DH by 6 seconds.

During his race run, Johnson was unfortunately held up by another competitor who refused to give him the right of way. This effected his overall result but he was just too tired to protest for a rerun.

Except for one minor mental error, I had a good DH final on Sunday morning. I stayed on the gas to the very end and finally got on the podium at Fontana for KHS.


Left to right: Quinton Spaulding (KHS Factory), Jon Buckell (Foes Racing), David K (ODI), Waylon Smith (Mongoose), Troy D’Elia (Foes Racing)

It has been a long time since I was on a podium in Fontana, but with the good track and continued training, it paid off!

Valenzuela takes the WIN for team KHS!

De Haven podiums for KHS.

Landy podiums for KHS.

Raffles… everybody’s favorite!

Everybody wins something at S.R.C.

Justin Wyche (seen on the far right), suffered a serious, almost career ending neck injury just a few weeks back. He is now on the road to recovery and doing really well. Steve Dulmage (in the middle) presented Justin with a custom painted helmet (which he painted himself) peppered with signatures and well wishes from everybody that knows him and along with that, Mom Sherri holding donations made towards his many medical bills.

Happy Birthday Jeremiah!!  KIDS… please DO NOT try this at home, even if it’s your birthday!

Thanks to our esteemed sponsors for a fantastic 2009 season!!

KHS will be at Bootleg Canyon – Dec 19th-20th for the Screamin Santa DH and Super D.

Please stay tuned for more pictures and updates, as they become available.

All the best,