Photos by: Monique & Brittany Spaulding

Report by: Quinton Spaulding

This  past weekend brought us back to Fontana, CA for the “Finals” of the SHIMANO Winter Series. Farmer Boys restaurant had their mobile kitchen out there and served up arguably the best food ever enjoyed at a Fontana race.

Joining us this weekend and participating in the 4x, was our very own Free Agent BMX Team Manager, Dale Holmes,(who had a weekend off from his busy schedule ). Holmes is a feature on the KHS Factory Team roster and joins us when he can. He was also getting warmed up for the US Cup Mountain Bike Series National presented by SHO-AIR that will be held in Fontana this coming weekend.


Here’s a couple of shots of Dale getting some practice Saturday morning.

This is Holmes during one of his heat races …out in the front like he so often is!

Dale had a stellar performance and was the first one to dethrone GT Factory rider Eric Carter off the top spot of the podium this entire Winter Series.

Left to right: Blake Carney(Yeti), Dale Holmes (KHS), Eric Carter (GT)


Left to right: Evelio Suarez(KHS/NEMA), Jake Kinney(AVENT), Eric Carter(GT), Blake Carney(YETI)

KHS sponsored rider, Evelio Suarez took 4th place in the overall 4X results for the Winter Series.

More kids on KHS bikes.

Factory SHIMANO kids racer!

Future World Champion.

Naish Ulmer getting ready for some Saturday DH practice runs.

Naish Ulmer took a 5th place in the Super D Saturday. Ulmer will contest a number of Super D events for KHS this season.

DH Practice Saturday was dry and dusty.

However, everything changed Sunday … it rained all morning with  intensity and was gone by noon.

Waiting in shuttle lines, in the rain, not fun… but it has to be done!

The sun came out for a brief moment before the race start on Sunday.

Naish Ulmer keeps building on his DH finishes at Fontana taking 16th place on the day. Fontana is a difficult place to do well, the sprint down the wall is where this race is won!

Photo courtesy of: Eric Foltz

I had a small bobble in the lower rocks (that cost me a couple seconds), but completing a perfect race run in the Downhill discipline is a very rare occurrence. I finished 12th on the day, and took 9th place in the overall standings for the series.


We ended the weekend at a well known food joint. Trying to eat healthy on the road is an overwhelming task at times, so we only had a few tacos(quite a few)!

KHS would like to give a “shout out” to our sponsors!

The KHS Factory Team will be in Fontana,  CA  March 25th – 29th for the 2nd round of the US Cup Mountain Bike Series. If you happen to be there, drop in and say Hi.

Please stay tuned for more updates and photos as they become available.

All the best!