Photos by: Monique Spaulding

Report by: Quinton Spaulding

Fontana, California is a “Hotbed” for racing, and not only were we back there to dual it out in the hills of Southridge, but NASCAR was there as well to contest the Auto Club 500.

H3 Publication’s Road and Decline Magazine had their “Open House” February 20th for all members of the Biking Industry.  Our very own Wayne D Gray (KHS-Vice President) was in attendance  cooking up his freshly caught 200lbs TUNA and serving it up with his own special sauce. Wen Hsieh (KHS-President) who was also in attendance, assisted Wayne D with the FIRE! I heard that the fish was unbelievably good, and the sauce… well the sauce was a secret!

I  wish I could have been there snacking on that Ocean Fresh Tuna, but we had work to do in Fontana… maybe next time!

As always, SHIMANO was out there offering “FREE Tech Support” to all those who needed it  (believe me they were busy). I also had a chance to meet Peter O’Brien (seen in this photo). He is the gentleman in charge at AMINO VITAL and one of our new sponsors for 2009.

Cross Country at Fontana is always so consistent. These guys are so “die hard”, they are there at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning ready to race the most disciplined event in Mountain Biking.

This track was a little longer than usual and somewhat more tiring. Being as it may, you will always find more than one KHS rider in the crowds giving it his or her best!

A deserted feeding station, but only when the XC is done.

The Shimano Kids Race is a FREE event. It has become a huge hit with the little ones and parents alike… they are even starting to form their own teams!

Would you get a TATTOO from this Shop??

Last minute preparations before Sundays DH final!

Fontana is looking very green after all the recent rainfall.

Logan Binggeli on his way down the top half of the track.

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Binggeli swore “no-more 7th place” at the last race, and he held true to his words, taking a place on the podium for KHS.


“KHS B-Team” rider Chuck Valenzuela on the podium.

“KHS B-Team” rider Jim De Haven on the podium.

Johnny Dow on track!

I wanted to mention that Johnny Dow, (KHS inside salesman) took his first win at Fontana last Sunday in the DH and made us all proud. Johnny has challenged all the office staff at KHS to come out and see the action.

A “SPECIAL THANKS” to all our 2009 sponsors!

The KHS Team will be in Fontana, CA  March 7th and 8th for the 5th round of the SHIMANO Winter Series. We will continue to use this series as a boost in our training and readiness for the upcoming National to be held there later in the month of March.

Please stay tuned for more updates and photos as they become available.

All the best!