Photos by: Monique & Brittany Spaulding

Report by: Quinton Spaulding

Fishing at the “Fontana Village Lake” is prohibited without an official ODI permit, and believe me there were many ponds and lakes in Fontana this past weekend.

SHIMANO offers FREE technical support at the Winter Series events, however, all bikes need to be somewhat clean to be worked on ... NO MUD!

There was not a dry spot in the pit area the whole weekend. The entire Fontana “Race Village” was saturated from continuous rains that did not let up until we left on Sunday evening.

It is that time of year again where we get to build all the new rigs, make sure all our parts are to spec, basically build machines that we can attack the mountains on with confidence. This is one of the KHS Factory Team DH200’s for 2009.

The KHS Lucky 7 race bikes received a lot of compliments this past weekend...

… and the KHS DH200’s did not fair too badly either!

We are some of the “lucky few” Factory MANITOU riders that will be using the best there is to offer in race tuned suspension. A Huge Thanks to Nick Pye (suspension engineer) of Manitou racing suspension, who has been on hand at all three Fontana races to make sure our suspension is always a 100%,… and believe me it could not be better!

Melissa Buhl stands proudly with her 2009 Factory DH ride. This bike will be traveling the world this summer.

The KHS Lucky 7 is our weapon of choice at Fontana, it kills the wall with it’s extraordinary pedaling performance, and eats the bumps with the 180mm MANITOU DORADO DH forks!

The YETI RPM crew came down to Fontana for round # 3 on their way to Bootleg Canyon for the first “Gravity National” of the season next weekend Feb 14th and 15th.

Hey… Is that Kevin I-YELLOW??

“B Team” Rider Jim De Haven takes pride in cleaning his equipment and keeping it running perfectly – but “Good God Man”… who is going to clean up the mess when he is done?

Bob Burns, and Dale Rowley (seen in this photo) from Division 26, handed out FREE Hot Chocolate to everybody all weekend long to keep their spirits up, and give a little back to all those who come out no matter what the conditions!

Sunday morning was a cold wet shuttle up  through the neighborhoods of Fontana, CA. It was race time, and there was NOTHING we could do to change the hand we had been dealt!

Conditions at the start gate on race day reminded me of being somewhere in Scotland, perhaps Ireland or even Whales… but not Fontucky!

Buhl had a very good race run, taking the win in the ladies Pro DH. Buhl is getting ready for the “Downill Urbano” in Brazil later this month and feels confident that her training regimen is exactly where it needs to be at this time.

Logan Binggeli put in another solid performance, he finished in 7th for the 3rd consecutive race at Fontana. Being consistent is what gets the points required to compete for the overall title at the end of the series.

I had a disappointing run, not getting it done on Sunday in the final. I came to a dead stop mid track, and just had nothing left to offer along “the wall”. I have to stay focused and keep training… it will pay off, it has to!

Pro Men DH Results

Even in the pouring rain people attended the awards ceremony.

Melissa Buhl on the podium for KHS!

Pro Women DH top 3

Moe Ramirez (from “mtnbikeriders website”) grabbed one of our Lucky 7 “demo bikes” this past weekend for some test runs and an overall bike review (which will be posted soon). He will be racing it at the next Winter Series race in Fontana.

A “Big Thanks” to all our 2009 sponsors!

The KHS Team will be at Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City, NV Feb 14th and 15th for the first “Gravity National” of 2009 “MOB IN MOJAVE”.  KHS Bicycles is a sponsor of this event… as well as many others. This is a bigger rougher course, and suites our teams riding and setup… we expect to do well!

Please stay tuned for more updates and photos as they become available.

All the best!